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FOLDING MEMBRANE FOR EMERGENCY in leaks of flammable liquids or spillage

Universal modular system for fast secure manholes and sewer grates in the event of dangerous liquid spills, flammable or toxic substances. It can also be used in manholes with angled drains.
It is effective and applies very quickly in case of loss of dangerous substances and threats of environmental disasters; it can be used horizontally to cover the pit of wells in both plastic and steel. Among the exclusive advantages, one is being able to be used repeatedly, its easy application and the versatility of use for all types of drains. It folds easily. It is used on the clean entrances of the sewer system drains, applying the part with the membrane downwards, with the labels visible from above. The recommended use is shown in the chemical resistance table. Use temperatures: from -20 ° C up to + 60 ° C. Materials: 0.9 mm isotropic magnetic sheet, PUR flexi special sheet 0.06 mm, PES / PVC sheet. Once folded it becomes a flat panel, easily placed on board the vehicles, taking up minimal space.

For manholes and grates with “mouth” on the sidewalks as shown in picture.
Suitable for all canalization and drainage systems,also for curved manholes.
Suitable for grate of large size drains. Seal the entrances even if they are overlapped.
Very easy to install.
Used by firefighters, utilities, pharmaceutical chemical companies and petrochemicals, has demonstrated the effectiveness of the product in preventing dangerous environmental damage

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